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Most of the time we require a temporary URL to check if site is working properly before updating name server.

But suppose you are using  wordpress, then temporary url will not work as wordpress is by default meant to work on domain name.

If you are on cPanel server then temporary url will be http://ipaddress/~username.

Note: IP address will be your actual server IP address

For temporary url to work you will need to to make replace your domain name with temporary URL in database for wordpress.

Refer to following steps.

1) Login to cPanel >> PhpMyadmin >> select database for wordpress.

2) Select wp_option table.

3) After selecting wp_option table, you will see different fields from table. in this locate for Option_name locate for siteurl and home and change value for both of this fields to your temporary url. replace http://yourdomainname.com with temporary url as shown in below image.

Make changes and select GO button at the bottom. That’s all


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2 Responses to wordpress temporary url

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. Exactly what I needed. I should give this to my hosting provider because they didn’t know what to do. Question though. Once the domain name is pointing to the site and the temp URL is no longer needed to I just go in here and change the options again to the main domain? Seems very easy!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Ann Marie,

    Once your domain starts resolving to your server, you can follow same steps and replace temporary url with your actual domain name.

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