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Install mod_xsendfile

What is mod_xsendfile ?

mod_xsendfile is a apache2 module that processes x-sendfile headers registered by the original output handler.

This process will speed up your private file transfers.


How to install mod_xsendfile  on Linux server?


1) Login to server as root

2) Download file mod_xsendfile.c from HERE

3) execute command

#apxs -cia mod_xsendfile.c

4) Restart apache server.

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How to create custom name server for your cpanel server.

Before creating name server make sure you have registered your name server at your registrar end.


You can create name server for your server in two ways.


1) login to WHM as root.

Now from the left navigation panel under server configuration select

“Basic cPanel/WHM Setup” and at the name server section you can enter your registered name server.

2) Now click on add ip address to name server and add A record for name server and click on save atthe bottom.

3) Step 2 will automnatically assign ip address that are available on server.

4) Now on creating any new account, name server will be automatically assigned to the domain.



You can also create name server by following way

1) Login to WHM as root.

3)Go to Add a DNS Zone which is under DNS Functions in WHM

4) Under Domain Selection you will see text box for IP address and Domainname, here you will need to  enter your name server ip and under domain enter your name server. Perform this for both ns1 and ns2.
Eg:  and ns1.yourdomainname.  and ns1.yourdomainname.

5) Once done restart named service.

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