How to Install mod_cloudflare

How to install  mod_cloudflare on cPanel server ?

The primary purpose of mod_cloudflare is so you get original visitor IP in your server logs. If you don’t have it installed on your servers, then you will see cloudflare server ip address


To install mod_cloudflare one should have root access to the server.

Refer to following commands:


1. Get the source code for mod_cloudflare:

cd /usr/local/src

wget –no-check-certificate


2. Use the Apache Extension Tool to build and install mod_cloudflare:

apxs -a -i -c mod_cloudflare.c


3. Restart apache service.

service httpd restart


4.  Finally, update the Apache configuration data files:

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller –update

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