Drupal temporary URL

Most of the time a common question is asked, whether Drupal can be accessed with a temporary url ?

And the answer to it is yes, for this you will need to make few changes into your configuration file of Drupal and it will work perfectly as it on main domain url.

1) Eg: Drupal is installed on domain webhostingsupport.info and you want it to work on http://your-server-ip-address/~testing then you will need to make following changes.


i) Search for file settings.php under the installation directory of Drupal, it should be located

under ”sites/default/settings.php“

ii) Open settings.php in your favorite editor and look for $base_url = Previously it should be set

to “$base_url = http://webhostingsupport.info” change it to “$base_url = http://your-server-ip-address/~testing

save the file and exit it.


2) Now your drupal will work fine with temporary url, but accessing internal url will still give error.

to fix this edit the .htaccess file in the installation directory of drupal and make following changes.

i) add line RewriteBase /~username


RewriteBase /~testing



And you are all done now.



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