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DMI logs full

when i switch on my system it shows the following message.
“DMI Log Event Space Full”  Press F1 to start and F2 for setup
and i have to press F1 key to start up.
Anyone help me to know what is the problem? and how to rectify this??

If you see this message on startup windows then press F2 which will take take you to cimos setup.

Under Advance menu >> select DMI Event Log  >> Select Clear DMI error logs to YES

Save and exit cimos setup and now reboot the machine.

That,s all 🙂

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Site is prompting for username and password on windows plesk.

Windows Plesk site prompting for username.

This problem can be fixed by one of the following methods because this can be caused by 2 things
either permissions on the site files or password mismatch between the windows user and IIS, by
doing both of these this should fix the problem:

Stage 1:

Open the command prompt on the server (click on start, then run, enter cmd and hit enter)
in the command promt change directory to the plesk admin bin folder, (cd C:Program
Run the following command from this folder

websrvmng.exe –reconfigure-vhost –

replacing with the domain name as it has been added to plesk
Close the command prompt when that program has finished (this usually only takes a couple of
seconds you know when it is done because the cursor is back on a new line)
If this does not fix the issue then go through the following:

Stage 2:

1) Open IIS

Start >> Run >> and type inetmgr

2) Locate the site, right click the site name then properties (this is below web sites)
Click the Directory Security tab, then on edit next to authentication and access control.
You will see a username and password at the top of this new window, delete the password which is
masked out and type in the FTP password you used for this site when setting it up, then click OK
(you will be prompted for the password again to confirm)
Click OK on the properties window, close IIS

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Flush dns cache on Windows

If you are developing a web site, you need to constently check the web site and monitor changes, and most of the time there are temporary cache on windows machine, and due to that we cannot make out if changes are reflected. So in this case you need to clear Dns cache.

Open command prompt on windows machine Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> command prompt

and execute following command two to three times.

ipconfig /flushdns

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Domain path in windows plesk

All the domain that are created on windows plesk server are located under following path.


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Windows server commands

1) Restarting FTP service.

Go to cmd prompt and give command

net restart MSFTPSvc

Other options are:

net stop MSFTPSvc

net start MSFTPSvc

2) Enable icmp ping request on windows server.

Go to cmd prompt and give following command

netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8

3) Disable icmp ping request on windows server.

Go to cmd prompt and give following command

netsh firewall set icmpsetting 8 disable

4) Connecting to rdp through command

Go to Start >> Run and enter following command.

mstsc /v: hostname


# /v:–specifies the name of the computer to connect to.
# /f–starts the connection in a full screen.
# /w:–specifies the width of the remote desktop screen.
# /h:–specifies the height of the remote desktop screen

Eg: mstsc /v: hostname /w:640 /h:480

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